Stop DHR Corruption!

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Have You Been Treated Unfairly?

  • DHR Case Workers
  • Lauderdale County Family Court
  • Guardians ad litem

These groups have been trampling rights and put children at risk due to inexcusably bad decisions and need to be put under the microscope so things can be set right. With your story and chronicle of corruption or incompetence on the part of these three groups, we can start making a difference!

My name is Kathleen and I am only a concerned citizen that has been recently wronged. There is no fee associated with aiding the cause. Check in for any updates in the fight!

Let's Fight Back Together!
There's Strength in Numbers!

Step 1: Tell Us Your Story Step 2: Sign The Petition at Step 3: Submit Your Complaints Step 4: Print The Flyer
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